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U Shape III

Meet the latest technology designed to tone muscles and smooth the skin all at the same time. The U-Shape III device is a cutting-edge technology for businesses that are looking to bring innovation to their clinics.

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EMS & RF Sculptor

World’s first device to achieve non-invasive buttock toning (non-surgical alternative to BBL).

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The newest development for facials with immediately visible rejuvenating effects.

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Micro-needling with Radio Frequency

Introduce the state-of-the-art technology to your clinic and add one of the most in-demand treatments to your list.

Laser 1


Revolutionary technology for permanent and immediate fat loss. The latest technology scientifically proven to spot-reduce fat.

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Fractional CO2 Laser

The latest innovation using the latest science to safely treat delicate areas. Extremely precise laser offers effective treatments of various skin problems on face and body.

Facial LED Therapy

A great device for beauty clinics and aestheticians working from home. Portable device putting you in control of your treatments.

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